Although I live most of my life in the Netherlands, I was born and grew up in Bandung, Indonesia. I studied architecture at the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, and after I got my degree, worked as a part-time architect for a short while before pursuing my career in the IT (information technology). Photography especially and art, has always been his passion. My work as a self-taught photographer, reflects my Indonesian and Asian background, influenced by the European way of thinking and how I look at my subjects. Portraits and nudes photography and the so-called human interest have my special interests. But I am also interested in architectural studies, landscape and nature photography. My photo work has also been used in advertising, promotion material and various websites. I love travelling and have been to many different parts of the world. Together with my partner I spent eight years living and working in Istanbul (Turkey), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Dublin (Republic of Ireland). Currently I mainly work as manager of Gallery Lukisan, an art gallery specialising in Indonesian contemporary art, while still doing photography in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About male nudity

Due to the climate in the tropics, it is not unusual that men and boys usually work bare-chested with little more than shorts or sarong (a piece of clothing in the form of tube or length of fabric, wrapped around the waist by men but also around the body by women). Nobody take offense of this. In the past of certain tribes, even bare-chested women were allowed. Nonetheless there have been very few depiction of these form of nudity. In the part of the world where I grew up, shyness of naked human body or some say, prudence is the keyword. Nudity will too quickly be associated with sexuality and will be easily confused with pornography. In my male nudes photography, I try to explore the artistic side of the Asian male nudes. It also reflect the increased confidence of young men with their body, sexual orientation and self-confidence in a country that is rapidly growing into a major economic and cultural force in the Asian region.

Sander Salim

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